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Dive Charters Port CharlotteYour Premiere SCUBA Diving Charter in Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, & Southwest Florida!

The Gulf is shallow and primarily sand. It is dotted with natural habitat like reefs (hard bottom) and ledges as well as artificial reefs. These areas attract fish in massive numbers.

Our dive charter, “EL GAVILAN”, is a “six pack” (six diver boat). Our charters range from Novak Reef that is 3 miles off-shore to the Bayronto that is 35 miles off-shore.

As you would expect, our water temperatures in summer are “tropical” (80′s). However, if you are visiting in the winter months, don’t leave that heavy suit at home as we commonly see the temperature drop into the 50′s (yes, we do use dry-suits in Florida!)

During the winter months our area is greatly affected by strong winds brought about by each cold front that passes. Consequently, our diving is accomplished between them. The winter winds can also have a negative effect on near shore visibility as the wave action stirs up the bottom.